Plastic composite membrane scour depth test

Introduce in assembly line of composite film so as to professionally manufacturing aluminum-plastic composite film for lithium battery

Features of products:1.Using fully-imported materials and facilities for production, possessing splendid deep-drawing capacity;
                               2.Advanced workmanship with proprietary intellectual property right, and a electrolysis resistance which is superior than domestic imported products;
                               3.Flexible mode of production, catering for customers’ individualized requirement over the product’s structure, thickness and breadth. 
Structure of product:
Thin type: specially coated/AL/PP/CPP
Normal type: NY/AL/PP/CPP
Anti-pollution type: PET/NY/AL/PP/CPP
Thickness of product: 90, 110, 120, 155 mm
Breadth of product: 60-700 mm



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