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The status of China's photovoltaic industry gives us inspiration?

Since last summer, the harsh winter "has come to the head of the Chinese PV industry. Critical period in the EU photovoltaic double reverse case was a week ago, China's largest PV companies Suntech Power Co., Ltd. announced its bankruptcy reorganization. In this sense, regardless of the ruling of the European Union is about to make what this "winter" of PV companies in China have resulted in substantial, difficult to restore the damage.

The PV industry in China, "winter" is in fact not from Europe, but began. Due to the rapid development of China PV enterprises in a short period of time, to the U.S. market, sales of a large number of low-cost solar cell products, led to the United States the original similar products enterprise declared bankruptcy, these American companies declared bankruptcy at the same time, allegations PV companies in China's exports to the United States constitute dumping and subsidies. A result, the U.S. government launched the first photovoltaic products to China "double reverse" measures, and Chinese enterprises market closed the door. Next, the European Union followed. Nowhere else in the two markets into double blow to export-oriented Chinese PV companies first generally a loss, now also companies declared bankruptcy reorganization.

In many parts of China, settled and the rise of the photovoltaic industry and local government to encourage and support the bank does not unrelated. Therefore, the ups and downs of the PV industry in China, in fact, highlights the lack of local government and private capital in the industry and investment strategic planning reflects the immaturity of China's economic connotation. In other words, the pace of development is not a sign of economic health and maturity. In contrast, the rise and fall of the PV industry in China as well as many domestic focus in recent years precisely to remind us the level of awareness and policy on inclusive development issues and competitive conditions and win-win situation to grasp the the distance truly mature big country and there is a considerable distance.

When the photovoltaic industry is caught in a bleak, the government did not introduce direct rescue or foster policies and measures in these enterprises, but always adhere to the operation of the market to deal with the business and liabilities, and related trade associations actively support enterprises to the United States and Europe respondent. This approach seems to be "cruel", but the promotion of China's market economy and private capital to mature, has a positive meaning.

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