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Hitachi developed a new battery life up to 10 years or more

March 26th, Hitachi maxell the latest battery sectional real-time observation of, visualization of the lithium-ion battery charge and discharge, and further in order to develop a lighter, enhance energy density lithium-ion battery for longer life.

The battery sectional real-time observation of real-time confirmation of the lithium-ion reactions offset the uneven distribution of the phenomenon can be quantitatively very helpful for the research and development of high stability, long life of the electrode structure. R & D team to take advantage of this technology to inhibition of lithium metal in the charge-discharge cycle reaction dendritic crystal growth phenomena, so pierced the electrolyte layer can significantly reduce the chance of short circuit a battery explosion.

The club is also the parent company Hitachi jointly developed a momentary pause in the chemical reaction between lithium-ion and lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt oxide, and continued to maintain this state of the technology, with the real-time observation of technology, will be able to carefully observe the battery positive profile lithium-ion reaction with maps, help balancing the flow and distribution of the lithium-ion battery.

Compared to the application of new technology to produce the same sample with existing battery capacity lithium-ion battery, can reduce the energy density of weight per unit 40%, 1.6 times the energy density per unit volume, and to extend the battery life of at least 10 years, 5000 can maintain the energy density of 200Wh / L after charging and discharging.

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